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  • MARY
  • GRADUATE: Bachelor in Intermediary and Senior Phase Education (2010) TESOL 120h Certificate (2012
  • JOB: General English,Conversational English ,Business English ,TOEFL/ TOEIC ,Writing, Grammar,Vocabulary ,Pronunciation

I am MARY, an energetic and upbeat English teacher. I have about 5 years multicultural physical classroom experience, teaching English Home Language and First Additional Language, and I have been tutoring and mentoring students in language online since 2015.

I understand the needs of foreign language learners, since I was myself an English First Additional Language learner, and have been studying different languages, like Russian, Chinese and Spanish for a great part of my life.

I sincerely believe that students should be given the opportunity to study in the way that best suits them, and as teacher I am willing and able, via Visual Art, Music and WBT methods to make lessons interesting and memorable to the student, and hereby to assist students to excel at their level of competence.

I am currently training students to excel at Business English, via SWAY presentation and lively discussion of programming and accounting basics. We aim to enrol them for the TOIC in about 3 months.

In addition to this, I am also currently working with 6 year old students to help them remember vocabulary and have a memorable experience in acquiring English through storytelling and reading.

I look forward to having you in my class, and assisting you to learn at the quickest pace.

Learning is an adventure, are you in?

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