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Company Branding

1. Branding

Cách mà một công ty thể hiện mình với công chúng. Điều này có thể thông qua biểu trưng, khẩu hiệu, quảng cáo, và cách khác. Mục tiêu là tạo cho thương hiệu một cá tính riêng, nhưng cũng có thể liên quan đến việc gắn kết giá trị đạo đức hoặc chính trị với một công ty. Một công ty cũng có thể quyết định 'đổi thương hiệu' (rebrand) vào một thời điểm sau này.

Example: The soft drinks business wanted to brand itself as energetic and fun, but also as conscious of racial discrimination.

2. Brand Loyalty

The tendency of customers to buy from the same company again and again. Loyalty is what companies try to build as it brings in money and improves their reputation.

Example: The café gave away free coffee to new customers to encourage brand loyalty.

3. Branding Position

Việc sử dụng các yếu tố như khẩu hiệu và khẩu ngữ, chiến dịch quảng cáo tích cực và video lan truyền để làm cho thương hiệu của bạn nổi bật giữa tất cả các thương hiệu khác trên thị trường.

Example: The marketing manager was sure the viral ad would make their brand position stronger.

4. Jingle

A short song or piece of music that stays in the mind. Think McDonald’s ba da ba ba bah… I’m lovin’ it.

Example: Gerry couldn’t stop whistling the jingle from the advert, and it was driving him mad!

5. Logo

The image a company chooses to associate a feeling with its brand. Think of the dynamic Nike tick, the strong and iconic VW or Apple’s simplistic apple.

Example: The graphic designers will come up with three logo options by next week.

6. Slogan

Slogans are short phrases used for an advertising campaign. They are less permanent than a tagline so they can be more experimental in their association with the brand, taking it in different directions. Think Apple’s A thousand songs in your pocket or Nike’s Don’t do it slogan for an anti-racism campaign.

Example: The CEO thought the company tagline was great, but they needed a slogan that would show they cared about the environment.

7. Tagline

A tagline is a word or phrase that marketing teams invent to communicate the essence of their product. Think of Nike’s Just do it, Apple’s Think different or De Beers’s memorable A diamond is forever. Unlike a slogan, it usually doesn’t change. It is THE phrase that describes the brand overall.

Example: The keynote speaker said Nike’s tagline was great because it motivates people to be active, which is the purpose of their products.

Communication & promotion

8. Cold Calling

Contacting a customer/client that has had no previous interaction with the company in order to convince them to buy a product or service.

Example: The electric company cold called prospects in their area to offer them lower prices.

9. CTA (Call to Action)

A Call to Action is text in an advert or on a webpage that encourages potential customers to interact with it. CTAs are usually highlighted in bold or within a clickable button – e.g. ‘Buy Now’, ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Join Our Free Training’.

Example: I thought the webpage needed more CTAs, so I suggested adding a ‘Buy Now’ button to allow 1-click purchasing.

10. Earned Channelling

The use of a third party (TV interview, social media platform, Yelp, etc.) to promote your product or service.

Example: The advertising agency were happy with the reviews on their earned channels – they had five-star ratings on TripAdvisor, Yelp and Google Reviews.

11. Feedback

Information collected from clients or customers in order to know how successful a product or service is and/or make improvements to a product or service.

Example: The feedback collected in customer satisfaction surveys showed that the company needed to improve its delivery times.

12. Mailing List

A list of existing or potential customers that a company maintains to contact them about products or services and communicate any offers or discounts.

Example: The marketing agency decided to update their mailing list so as to make sure they were reaching the right customer base.

13. Owned Channelling

The promotion of a product or service through a channel that the company owns, such as a website.

Example: The gym decided to improve its website following a review of its owned channels.

14. Paid Channelling

The promotion of a product or service that a company pays for e.g. influencers, newspaper advertisements, TV ads.

Example: The company decided that paid channelling strategies were the way forward, so they asked an Instagram influencer to promote their new health supplements.

15. Public Relations (PR)

The management of communication with the public through media, press releases and direct contact with clients or customers.

Example: The Public Relations team thought of some great content for their press release on the minister’s new policy.

16. Warm Calling

Contact with a customer/client that a company has had some interaction with for the purpose of selling a new product or service or an upgrade on an existing offer.

Example: The insurance company’s sales reps warm called their clients to explain the benefits of their new Platinum Service.

17. Webinar

An online marketing event that prospects/leads are invited to so a company can introduce them to (or educate them about) a given product or service.

Example: Atom Tech invited video game companies to the webinar to pitch their new graphics cards.

18. Word of Mouth (marketing)

Free promotion that is communicated by one customer who had a positive experience to a new potential client.

Example: The company director was excited about the positive word of mouth his law practice was receiving – over 25 clients said their friends recommended it to them.



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